Local Community Drenov Grič – Lesno Brdo

The local community of Drenov Grič – Lesno Brdo (6.50 km2, 1,300 inhabitants, 291 m above sea level) stretches on the western edge of the Ljubljana Marshes and consists of the settlements of Drenov Grič (750 inhabitants) and Lesno Brdo (550 inhabitants).

The village of Drenov Grič began to form after the construction of the second imperial road in 1809. Thus, at the beginning of the 19th century table. there are almost no houses along Tržaška cesta from Sinja Gorica to Log. Where there is a turnoff for Horjul today, there is a house-inn with a stable, called Pri Stari šrangi. There is an inn in the eastern part and a cattle barn in the western part. At that time, distant and nearby farmers loaded a lot from Ljubljana to Trieste and the inn was well visited. As the barn soon became too small, in 1816 a new one was built next to the house along the road for 50 pairs of horses and oxen. The barn still stands today. It was not until around 1830 that the first residential house was built next to the inn, and then by 1838 five more. People from distant and surrounding places call this small settlement after the inn Stara šranga. Around 1898, a local line of the Ljubljana-Trieste Southern Railway was built through the settlement, leading to Vrhnika. In those years, the number of houses in the village increased sharply, and the material situation of the inhabitants improved. The village is supposed to be named Drenova Gorica at that time, but it will soon be renamed Drenov Grič.

Kucler’s quarry

Lesno Brdo is divided between the municipalities of Vrhnika (southern part) and Horjul (northern part). Above the main part of the village there are three quarries, the largest is still in operation, two smaller ones are abandoned. Due to geological peculiarities, Kucler’s quarry is protected as a natural monument.


In five millennia, all land routes and waterways on the pile-up lake run through the area of ​​the local community, only the navigable Ljubljanica is too far.

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